Friday, March 28, 2014

Beach Kit Kat cake

I have a whole board on pinterest of cakes I like. I want to try and make most of them someday but 99% of them are probably way out of my league. The boy scouts were doing  fundraiser at our church and they were having a cake auction. I decided to sign up to bring a cake. It would at least give me a good reason to try and make one of the many cakes I pinned, right? I decided to copy a cake from Lovely Party Things.

The only thing I did differently from her cake was that I used crushed graham crackers instead of brown sugar for the beach part on top. I just kept thinking that a slice of cake with brown sugar on top probably wouldn't taste all that good. Anyway, other than that, it was really easy to go off of. I made a chocolate cake from a box and then made home made vanilla frosting with blue food coloring added in.

I  made two round cakes with frosting in between and frosting on top. Then, I put Kit Kats around the outside of the cake and secured them with ribbon. I can't remember how many Kit Kats I needed, but I know that I started with 6 Kit Kat bars and it was only about half the cake. I want to say I used about 10. It's much more than you would think. I broke the Kit Kat bars into pairs before putting them on.

Then I put the crushed graham crackers on half of the cake. In the graham crackers I put two palm tree "models." I went to Michael's and got plastic palm trees in the models section. The lady at the store said I wouldn't want to use them because they will have fuzzy stuff on them that wouldn't be safe for food, but I looked at them and they were completely plastic. So, I just cleaned them with soap and water before I used them in the cake. I had to cut a little bit of the cake out and put the palm trees in a little bit of a hole because they kept tipping over. I filled the hole in with frosting and graham cracker crumbs.

The rest was pretty simple. Teddy Grahams on Fruit by the Foot and Teddy Grahams in Peach candy rings.

The kids loved the cake. It was auctioned off at $40. I'll take it. It was a fun night. We bid on a vanilla cake with butter cream frosting that was delicious. I was very impressed with how many amazing cakes were there. I better take some cake decorating classes before next year.

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