Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Baby Bibs

I have been wanting to make baby bibs for a while but I just haven't been brave enough to try it. I finally decided it was time when my husband's cousin was pregnant with a baby girl and I got invited to her baby shower. All of the tutorials online say to use chenille as the back fabric for the bibs but no matter what fabric store I went to, they did not have it. I have used the terry cloth from Joann's before for burp cloths but I think it's a little rough so I didn't want to use that. I went to another fabric store and asked the clerk what she would recommend and she showed me a more elastic, soft terry cloth. It was perfect. They were all sold out of white though so I got a sea foam green color and black. I think they turned out really cute. Once I got all of the supplies to make them, they were pretty simple.

Supplies needed:

  • square of fabric 7 1/2" x 10 1/2" for top of bib
  • square of fabric 8 1/2" x 11 1/2" for bottom of bib
  • square of chenille 16" x 11 1/2" for bib backing (I couldn't find chenille so I used terry cloth. You could get creative here on the back fabric. Minky would probably be cute and soft as well.)
  • lightweight fusible interfacing
  • thread
  • ribbon, ric rac, or trim of your choice (optional)
  • rotary cutter/mat/ruler
  • 2" piece of 1/2" velcro (I bought black to match the backing)
  • pattern from Sew She Sews
 I followed the tutorial from Lots of Pink Here The bib pattern from this tutorial was too large for my liking though. I followed her tutorial but I used the pattern from Sew She Sews

I bought fat quarters for the top of the bib. They worked great and then I'm not left with a bunch of leftover fabric. You could probably make 3 or 4 bibs out of two fat quarters.  

 I skipped the ric rac step on mine because I realized that I didn't have thread the same color. Sad, I know. I had been to the store so many times for this project that I felt like I just needed to finish them. I totally bought the wrong interfacing and had to go back to the store for that already. I hate when that happens. I  think they turned out really cute without the ric rac and I'm excited to make some more.


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