Monday, August 11, 2014

My Birthday

The past couple of months I have been getting scuba diving certified. It has been really fun, for the  most part.... Tyrone has been scuba diving for a while and he has been wanting me to get into it but I was a little bit afraid. I am a pretty fearless person. I want to ride the craziest, fastest roller coasters and go sky diving but I don't want to breathe underwater. Maybe it was the water part that scared me the most. I don't know. But, since we live in the perfect place right now, I finally decided to do it. I went to the two classroom sessions and the five pool sessions as well as the four open water dives that are required to get certified. On the first open water dive I felt a little bit nauseous out in the water but when we went down to the bottom I felt better and it ended up being fun. The second open water dive, I was nauseous before we even went to the bottom. I puked before we even went down. Then, once I got to the bottom, I felt really sick again so I had to go to the top where I continued to puke the entire swim into shore. It was awful. I was underwater for maybe 5 minutes. For the last dive I was prepared with the Dramamine. I took it the night before, the  morning of, and in between the two dives we did. It was a blast.

For my birthday Tyrone and I bought all the gear I needed to go scuba diving. We bought some off Craigslist and some stuff from friends. My husband joked about wrapping it but I said that was silly. When I woke up on my birthday Tyrone had created a scuba woman in our living room with a birthday card on it. It was really cute. I loved the scuba woman. I had to enjoy her before the baby woke up though because once he woke up he was crawling all over everything.

To celebrate my birthday we went to Benihana for dinner. It was so delicious. I forgot how amazing that place is. Not only was the food to die for but the entertainment was awesome.

Jackson was a little piglet and he ate almost an entire plate of noodles. He also learned how to drink out of a straw for the first time. Wahoo! I love the little things. 

We did forget his pacifier though and by the end of the night he was quite cranky. The chef scared one of the teenage girls sitting at our table with a rubber chicken and she jumped while the rest of the table laughed. Jackson on the other hand started screaming on the top of his lungs. Luckily he calmed down pretty quick. He was just so exhausted and I think the noise of everyone laughing startled him.

Then, the next night Tyrone and I went out scuba diving. We went out to the same place I got certified. It was so fun. We saw some sheep crab that reminded us of Jackson. Tyrone stuck his go-pro in the crabs face and the crab would move forward and bump into the camera. Then he would back up and proceed to bump into the camera again. He did this a handful of times and I just kept thinking about Jackson. It was the perfect date night. We followed our scuba dive with a Papa Johns Pizza. I love the garlic butter sauce. Tyrone always complains that I don't share. But, it was my birthday.

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