Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cleaning Microfiber with Rubbing Alcohol

My little guy spits up a lot. He's getting much better the older he gets but it was projectile vomiting in the beginning. I would use hand towels instead of burp cloths because it would absorb more and they are much larger so I had a better chance of catching the throw up before it ended up on someone or something else.

Right before we had our little guy our neighbor offered to let us buy their old glider for $20. We went over to their place to look at it and it was awesome! We had been looking for one but I wasn't really liking any of them and they were pretty expensive. The glider she gave me was in great condition. She said she had been using it for 3 years and she had a blanket over it most of the time. There were a few tiny stains on it but other than that it was a steal!

Now, back to the projectile vomiting, I tried to keep a blanket on the bottom of the glider to protect it but sometimes it would shift around and he would end up getting throw up on it. Then, once he got bigger I started placing him over my left shoulder to burp him and you can see on the chair that he would throw up right into it sometimes. My husband has been telling me for weeks how gross it looks so I decided to attack it today. My friend over at Lady Makes It told me about a pin she saw on Pinterest about cleaning microfiber.

I found the pin here

Now, I am a little embarrassed but here are more of my before pictures.

Can you tell which shoulder I burp my little guy on?

To clean, I put rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle, sprayed the entire seat, back, and sides of the chair. Then I took a white rag and scrubbed the stains out in a circular motion. Then I used another white rag to go over the microfiber in ONE DIRECTION to make sure I didn't miss anything.

Not everything came out but it looks pretty darn good to me. Let's see how long it takes my husband to notice.....

There you go. No one will ever know it was once covered in spit up. Happy Cleaning!

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