Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I feel like a real homemaker after making these. Homemade pop-tarts? Really? Maybe this is taking it too far. Just kidding! They were so easy and fun to make. I was thinking this would be a fun party idea. Come over and make some homemade pop-tarts! It doesn't have a good ring to it though. I'll have to work on it. But, this recipe is awesome because it uses pie crust and I've had pie crust in my fridge since Thanksgiving. I don't know why I bought so much. So this turned out great! I got the recipe from Bake Me More

pie crust (homemade or store bought)
jam or preserves
 1 cup powdered sugar

Cut out even rectangles to  form the pop-tart. If using store bought dough, cut four rectangles out of the middle of the circle, then roll out the dough and you should get two more rectangles out of it. Then, put about a teaspoon of jam or preserves on one half of the dough. (pictured below.) In the picture, I put a little bit too much. But I used my homemade strawberry jam and it was so delicious!  I also used apple cinnamon preserves on a few of them. But the strawberry ones were way better! Then put the other rectangle piece of dough on top and pinch the edges together. Then bake at 425 degrees for 7-8 minutes or until slightly brown.
My first batch that came out of the oven, pictured above had too much filling in it and that's why the strawberry ones broke open on top. 

To make the frosting, put one cup of powdered sugar in a bowl and then pour milk in until is a thick syrup consistency. When pop tarts have cooled, put frosting on top and add sprinkles. Then eat, while the filling is still warm! They are like an amazing fluffy pastry in your mouth! Try it for yourself!!

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