Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Chocolate Brownie Trifle

First time making a trifle. Lets just say, it tasted pretty darn good for a first try. I know it doesn't look quite as good as it tastes, I'll have to work on the presentation. 

Here is the recipe: 

1 box chocolate pudding
toffee bits
whipping cream
caramel sauce

How to layer it:
Place crumbly brownies at the bottom of the trifle dish.  
Then drizzle caramel on top. 
Next goes whipping cream.
Then toffee bits
On top of that, chocolate pudding
Then you repeat your layers, and you top it off with whipping cream and toffee bits.

One thing I would recommend is waiting until the brownies and chocolate pudding are cooled. I put the first layer of brownies and chocolate pudding in warm, and it melted the whipping cream, which made it hard for the layers to stay together. When putting the layers in, try to push everything out to the side to get the pretty trifle look. Here is the link to a good picture of this Chocolate Trifle

We took this dish over to a friend's house last night and below is my husband skateboarding it over there. He is brave. It made it to and from safely, thank goodness.

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